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BRIEFLY, BALLARE is an artist’s book created by Riccardo Benassi as a response to an unexpected and enlightening event: in a Museum visitors’ book the signatories made complaints – which soon turned to anger – with regard to a work What Does a Flat Surface needs in order to became a Dancefloor (Us) by the artist in question. So Riccardo Benassi decided to transform an apparent obstacle into an actual trampoline, doing so in story form.The artist attempts to analyse the succession of events, his role as cultural operator in contemporary society and – taking advantage of the fact that the incriminated work was one of sound and therefore invisible – calls into question the “visual” quality of aesthetic judgement. Partly essay, sentimental diary and critical pamphlet, BRIEFLY, BALLARE may actually be considered as an autonomous work of art, a journey in which sound and language interweave and abandon one another with view to bringing about new situations.

Published by Danilo Montanari Editore with text by
Riccardo Benassi, Marianna Liosi, Alessandra Saviotti
Italian / English
Layout by Riccardo Benassi
edition of 250 plus 82 limited with audio track on vinyl
ISBN 978-88-87440-95-9

The Italian book launch takes place at MAMbo in collaboration with the Director Gianfranco Maraniello and Artelibro Festival, here a specially conceived installation presented fragments of the project making-of.