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Decline Decadenza is a project about the tension between daily life, constructed nature, free will and urban planning, realized during two years (2004/2005) through a video, a performance and a video documentation of the performance itself.

The first video was mainly filmed from the balcony of Riccardo Benassi's parents flat, following machines that seems to play a nonfunctional game with ruins in order to create a huge amount of dust. The artist questioned the authorship of the constructed environment: if his gaze pointed to that landscape for several years could it belong to him now? So, why no ones asked him before starting a planned and controlled demolition of the whole area? A not yet outdated answer could arise from a Benito Mussolini's quotation: sostituire la voce "posa della prima pietra" con la voce "primo colpo di piccone".

Thanks to the local Centre for Contemporary Art, CRAC, Riccardo Benassi organized then the performance Decline Decadenza Tour, the practical development of the video, or a visit to what he call a Formal Archaeological Area. A bus drives friends and colleagues on site, while an hostess - assuming that architecture is the best way to organize people's time and space - introduce them to a phenomenological shift: to transform an industrial area in a commercial place refer to the strong will to transfer any control from production to consumption.

The performance script is an autobiographic adaptation by Riccardo Benassi and Giulia Fazioli from the text Banalità di Base (1969) by Raoul Vaneigem.