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11 four-color printed polypropylene latex banners
strobe LED lights system
window storefront speakers with sound composition
environmental dimensions

Video Documentation @Ferragamo.com

In connection with the Across Art and Fashion exhibition, an art project involving the windows at the Salvatore Ferragamo flagship store in Florence will also be staged for the show opening.

For this occasion, Riccardo Benassi – artist, writer, performer, musician and designer – was chosen. He has created a new full-immersion scenario.

Based on some of the words of artists and fashion designers from the past regarding the relationship between art and fashion, Benassi has created a continuous visual poem.

The project proposes aesthetic unity among the window displays, as if this were a narrative facing the street and requiring the presence of passers-by in order to exist.

Text becomes image and updates the famous quotations to bring them into the subjective experience of our everyday lives.

This is why the artist has chosen to respond to the text with another text, to highlight the fundamental element of the dialogue between these two realms, but also – and Salvatore Ferragamo’s quotation evokes this – the dialogue between craftsmanship and philosophy of life.

The choice of font, invented by Benassi and the sign of his presence in a given space over time, is fundamental here, as it interacts with the lighting, natural during the day and with strobe lights at night.

Consequently, the material supporting the words has been selected because of its reflecting qualities.

The work strives to create an emotional rapport not only with passers-by but also with the architecture hosting it.

Text by Stefania Ricci