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Standard Sentimento

A project by Riccardo Benassi at Civitella Ranieri Foundation

When we create an event within a structure we allow ourselves to make sense of the structure, even if it has long lost its original function. In this case, a building that was once built to dry tobacco is first adapted as an artist’s studio and then, through the will of the artist, it becomes an exhibition space.

This artwork is merely an attempt to live within and temporarily re-configure an architectural space into an environment that cultivates encounters. The show is composed of architectural interventions, sounds, sculptures, texts and images. These elements, in a fiendishly elusive manner, seem to refer to us as artworks in their stead, as if they wanted to redirect our attention towards the event that we are creating.

The installation appears unfinished: it dismantles itself before our very eyes in order to acquire seemingly casual configurations.

It is as if the installation were guided by its own conscious endeavor to organize empty space; its sole purpose is to remind us that we - us humans - are going to fill that space. The most fascinating aspect of life is its ability to encompass and be a vessel for all emotions and feelings. As a result, this artwork becomes a tenuous narrative addition, a fragment of shared time, cut out and removed from the flow of personal and intimate events.

Hopefully, as we exit the architectural space and return to our daily reality, we will encounter a landscape that demands to be promoted from backdrop to center-stage. Like a postcard view that promises the perfect camping spot, these places will remind us that every empty space is nothing but the absence of the time necessary to fill that emptiness.

a Desk pretending to be a Curtain
synthetic felt, spray paint
202 x 202 cm

Gin Comic
Synthetic felt, framed inkjet print, found refrigerator as pedestal, bottles

5 persone guardano la scultura
synthetic felt, photographic print, wooden frame, a4
Environmental dimensions

Dialogues carried out in silence n°3
fluorescent perspex, fluorescent spray paint
Spatial intervention, 11 x 14 x 0,8 cm

Empty Apparatus (detail)
stones already pierced by the sea, nails, found fornitures
variable dimensions

Dialogues carried out in silence n°4
fluorescent perspex, fluorescent spray paint
Spatial intervention, 11 x 16 x 0,8 cm

found cleaning objects, Chantal Mouffe’s book: The Democratic Paradox
171 cm (high)

Forniture's Inherited Inertia
fluorescent Perispex, rubber dots, silk ribbon
Environmental dimensions

Empty Apparatus (detail)
2 modified postcards (Alberto Burri), found furnitures
Environmental dimensions

there is no better way of measuring something than by moving through it
Plexiglas, nail, iron grid, spray paint
Environmental dimensions / walkable piece

Photo © Dario Lasagni