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no, no place to sit / Tracklist
Originally realized for the installation no, no place to sit (2009), avalaible in the related Compact Disc (2010)

1 - 5'15''
This Cd includes a selection of improvisations played at the piano in the space of a day.

2 - 1'20''
I had a Tascam Dr-100 with me, on which I recorded everything and after few days I selected these tracks without post-producing it, so that I could preserve the effort of the hands and the echo of the room.

3- 2'40''
Although you can easily slide into the apparent display of a mastery that is an end to itself, I fling myself into this game to prove that even a person, who has never played the piano, can make it live for one day or even more.

4- 2'25''
By beating the keys, I want to consider it like an interface opened to anyone for the interpretation of realm.

After fighting, opening, preparing, modifying, hissing, condensing, evoking, installing and carving the piano, the moment to play it again just comes back:
here it is a waiting room requesting an appropriate soundscape.

This room has been originally imagined by Andrea Branzi during the renovation of the museum. The historical phases that rocked the architecture in its oblivion handed it over to me in a semi-comatose state and bureaucracied in its own open function.

Coming inside, with my contribution, I ask for a variation of 90 degrees on the point of view, so that the wall becomes the floor, a still moment, as long as a wait.

the new expanded floor is fluid, an ex abstract composition of skirting / right angle / wall.

An industrial product such a piano stool has been granted a prescientific multiplication: it is allowed to make parties of five and occupy the new surface at its disposal.

The expanded floor decides the measurement of time too, breaking the exact count of our footsteps.

The only way to gain the control of breath back and to be supreme metronome is to slide into the comfort of an unexpected chaise longue and maybe to meet the eyes of someone, who is fighting against the force of gravity bluffing just like we are doing.

We are granted the luxury of waiting right in this hall of the museum where we would have never expected to be on the verge of sleep.

These piano stools gathered to support our body and criticize its identity. Who and how many people did sit down here before me? This chaise longue is a drawbridge through which incompleteness declares itself solitude.

I am woken by an object from the roof that comes down like an atypical column, breaks the symmetry and though takes the colors of the all-around and after camouflaging itself it pines away with sound.

An acoustic spectrum, that not only does it remind of the cable radio but it also seems to refer to a public space filtered by the compression of history and then of an mp3.

Or we can listen the cd once more.

© Riccardo Benassi, 2010