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Die Zeitmaschine (Forno del Pane)

24 hours exe animation with sound, synchronized with to the local time.

Riccardo Benassi’s work was carried out specifically for the spaces at MAMbo, beginning with the history of the museum – the former Forno del Pane. It involves the projection of a 1916 industrial clock on the wall in the entrance hall where there is a round bas relief. The clock is fast by 20 minutes. Each hour is signaled by a sound. 1916 is the inauguration date of the Forno del Pane. Through archive research and a detailed digital reconstruction, the “machine” that dictated the law of time in that period comes back to life in a sort of temporal digital reconstruction. Time set ahead on the present timeline based on erroneous information. A clock that allows you to gain time is a dream that allows you to extend your days. The out-of- phase sound and the clock’s projected digital image – a ghost-like presence in the environment – create a sort of collective hallucination in a determined space.