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Fourthousand | All!

Performance @ Deutsche Bank KunstHalle
in the frame of Süden
Berlin 28.8.2013

with Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni and Riccardo Benassi
production Kinkaleri in collaboration with Villa Romana

Since 1995 Kinkaleri’s work navigates the boundary between dance, text, and performance. In their current on-going modular project “Fourthousand | All!” the group works with texts by William S. Burroughs and the transmission of these through the language of the body.

A series of actions examine the power of language and how the body can resist regulation and control. “Fourthousand | All!” investi- gates cliches about relationships and communication. The supremacy of the stage and every form of established discourse are broken open.

For the Berlin performance of “Fourthousand | All!” Kinkaleri will collaborate with Berlin-based artist, performer, and designer Riccardo Benassi. With his appearance in “Süden” Kinkaleri makes its German premiere.