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Random Conservatorio

A sketch for an unrealized project,
dedicated to Alvin Curran and Musica Elettronica Viva ensemble.

An old public swimming pool, disused since many years, will re-open today. Instead of being refill with water, the pool is pack with small and colorful toy keyboards. Any splash is a tune, any children a musician.

Random Conservatorio is a large scale interactive sound installation which aims to let any children (or young adult) play music. “Conservatorio” is the Italian translation of “Academy of Music” and the whole project is therefore linked in its own structure to the idea of a collective and non-professional production of sound, and a sharp reaction to any techno-fetishism related to the common understanding of “interaction”.

Random Conservatorio takes shape in my mind as method to give new meanings to old architecture corps, in order to arouse it from sleep through out the creation of an event… pointing towards renovated functions.